OPINION: Together, we can save America

The 2022 midterm elections are a battle for our nation’s soul. And Alaskans get to fire the first shot.

On Aug. 16, we’ll be choosing a replacement for the legendary Rep. Don Young to serve out the remainder of his term as Alaska’s sole delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. Less than three months later, we get a rare opportunity to decide whether we want to keep that person or give someone else a try.

Let’s make the right choice the first time, and elect someone who will fight hard every single day to advance Alaska’s interests and protect our God-given rights. I’m running because I know I can deliver on those promises, and I’m asking for your vote.

If we’re going to save this country, the good guys in Congress need reinforcements. We can’t afford to entrust Alaska’s future to some namby-pamby establishment Republican-in-name-only with a record of putting liberals in office and no record of public service of his own, and Alaska just can’t afford to give Nancy Pelosi an additional vote for Washington, D.C., Democrats’ extremist agenda.

We’ve seen what happens when the Democrats get their way: The highest inflation in over 40 years. Gas prices over $5 a gallon, and much higher for the diesel that so many Alaskans need to do their jobs. A recession, even if Joe Biden and the left-wing media won’t admit it. A baby formula shortage that has lasted for months, even after Biden promised to take care of it. Skyrocketing prices and empty shelves at the grocery store. An artificial energy shortage created by policies that are intentionally designed to destroy the American energy industry. Science-denying mandates and lockdowns. Men competing on women’s sports teams. The list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, hardworking folks like you get mocked and ridiculed, and told to sit down. With a smile on my face, I can say: you know I know how that feels. They’ve been doing it to me for years — they’re still doing it — because they just can’t acknowledge the America-first, commonsense solutions I’ve always supported to make our state and our country prosperous and free. They think we’re stupid. They think we’re rubes who cling to our God, our guns, our Constitution “because we just don’t know any better.”

America deserves better. Alaska deserves better. We need to take our country back from the arrogant, out-of-touch, out of control, overreaching, overtaxing elites who are trying to drive us off the cliff in a taxpayer-subsidized electric vehicle.


We need to fight back and stand up for what’s right.

I’m asking for your vote because Alaska has a chance to send a message to the whole country. The 2022 midterms are going to be a red tsunami. And when that happens, you’re going to start seeing some big changes in Washington, D.C. Finally!

We’re going to rein in big government so the private sector can expand, businesses can thrive, jobs can be created and inflation can be tamed.

We’re going to secure our borders, re-fund our police and declare in no uncertain terms that we will never again let them take away our freedoms — for any reason.

We’re going to open up the spigot and “drill, baby, drill” instead of crawling to brutal dictators who hate our guts and begging them to sell us more of their dirty, dangerous oil.

We’re in this together. They’ve underestimated our strength, our resolve, and our unity. Let’s show them how wrong they are.

Together, let’s make Alaska — and America — even greater than before.

Sarah Palin is a former governor of Alaska and former Republican vice-presidential candidate. She is running as a Republican candidate for U.S. House.

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