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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, Oct. 17, 2016

  • Author: Alaska Dispatch News
  • Updated: October 17, 2016
  • Published October 17, 2016

Where does Trump belong?

Regarding the presidential election, I am undecided. I can't decide whether Donald Trump should be in prison or a mental institution.

— Andrew Smith

First Trump said he'd assaulted women; then he said he hadn't

Who said that Trump assaulted women?

Trump did. The recording of him describing how he assaults women is what started the latest hullabaloo. And a week ago, he said that he did say what is on that recording.

Who said that Trump did not assault women?

Trump did. This week, he said he absolutely did not assault women and that those who say so are liars.

Is Trump a liar?

Was he lying when he told a press person, on tape, how he assaults women?

Or, is he lying now when he says he absolutely did not assault women?

Since he described how he assaulted women on the recording, but has since said that those who say he assaulted women are liars, then doesn't that make him, by his own definition, a liar?

Assaulting and not assaulting are two opposites. Trump claiming both that he did and did not assault women means one statement or the other is a lie.

Several women have accused Trump of assaulting them and they have provided some details that fit in with Trump's recorded brag statements.

Are the women lying?

Whether or not they are lying, they are not trying to become president of the United States.

Do some other politicians lie? Did Bill Clinton lie publicly about sex with an intern? Yes.

Trump has told us that he is different than the "politicians." Over and over he has said, "Trust me!" And, "Believe me!"

What does Trump really think about women? For the office of president, does that matter?

What does Trump really think about telling the truth? For the office of president, does that matter?

Who does Trump really care about?

— Francis Mitchell

Make a difference: Vote

My vote does not really matter; it doesn't matter who the president is — they can't get anything done; I'm tired and turned off over all of the rhetoric; I'm not excited or enthusiastic about the election; I don't like any of the candidates; I'm too busy; somebody else will just cancel out my vote anyway; I don't like the social-media bias.

Did I miss any? What is your excuse for not voting?

OK, I get it.

The most important issue at stake this election cycle is the future makeup of the Supreme Court.

If nothing else can get you to vote, this should.

If you don't show up, the other person will.

I'm not interested in what party you support or your personal preferences.
I just want to see you vote because your vote does matter.

Please make a difference.

— Ray Kelley

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