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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, October 19, 2016

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  • Updated: October 19, 2016
  • Published October 18, 2016

Uber would make roads safer

I read the article on Uber in Latin America. The truth is, everyone needs Uber.
I was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on a beer vacation. You know, the time you get together with your Czech relatives to talk and have a beer. But what I found was a whole brand new culture of inner city life centered on restaurants and breweries. It was quite a delight, but it would not have been possible without Uber. Why? Because no one likes a nasty drunk on the road killing and maiming others. You know, like we do in Alaska!

Take your choice. Drink and kill a child, a bicyclist, anyone you want! Because you are too cheap to hire a cab. Or you cannot pay for a cab after your booze bucks are gone. Or you are “not drunk.”

If you tap into Uber after your barkeep pulls the tap, you get a cheap, safe ride home with a personable driver who also receives a benefit of gas and vehicle upkeep along with a few dollars for going slightly out of his or her way after running their own errand. Come on board and to the devil with overpriced cab companies like the one that charged me $120 from Anchorage to Wasilla the last time my car broke down.

The servers and bartenders everywhere who learned we were using Uber to get back home after a night of beer all thanked us, adding that it sure feels awful to think you might be contributing to a tragedy as a result of your being engaged in the alcohol industry.

— Kelli Mahoney

Opioid article needs wider scope

Today my attention was caught by the ADN’s front-page article titled “Industry’s answer to opioid addiction: More pills,” and after reading the article I realized you needed a wider view of the opioid addiction “epidemic.”

— Sarah Henry

Support Clinton; vote for Stock, Lindbeck for Congress

Most Letters to the Editor for Oct. 15 and 16 describe why Donald Trump is not fit to be president. As you know, the media showed a video where Trump boasted about sexually assaulting women. The last straw for many people was that he then denied that he had actually assaulted women; at least nine women came forward to say he lied and had sexually assaulted them.

Trump is a racist, a sexist and a bully, just the kind of person who might become a dictator.

Columnist Shannyn Moore said that our Alaska U.S. senators waited too long to disavow Trump and that we need to vote for Independent Margaret Stock for U.S. Senate, and Democrat Steve Lindbeck for U.S. House. I agree because both are smart and believe in human rights. Like Trump, our current Congressman, Don Young, is out of touch. As Moore said, he “cussed out high school students and blamed them for a recent suicide” in the last election. How could Alaskans vote for him?

I disagree with Moore that it’s OK for us to “not join the SS Hillary.” I realize that Bernie Sanders supporters think Hillary wasn’t pure enough on populism, anti-trade, and free college. If we want our country to become more tolerant of all kinds of people, including gays and Muslims, we must vote for her. Here’s why: She’s been working steadily for children’s and women’s rights for decades. Comedian Bill Maher nailed it on CNN when he said that Hillary is a nerd who believes in government, and works really hard.

While Trump kept talking over Hillary at the end of the second debate, she described who she would appoint for the Supreme Court: a judge who would 1) overturn the Citizen’s United Decision that allows huge amounts of money to influence elections, and 2) vote to retain the Roe vs. Wade decision, which established a woman’s right to choose.

Trump’s racism, sexism and bullying will make Hillary Clinton’s election likely. To be sure, all sane and sensible people (you!) must vote for her; then good things can follow: Democrats and Independents like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Margaret Stock will likely vote for Hillary’s Supreme Court Justice selection. With a Democratic and Independent majority, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren may chair the Senate Banking or Finance committees where they will write laws that will lead to more economic opportunity for lower and middle income people.

Vote Hillary. Who cares about emails that may have been doctored in Russia? Quit blaming her for Bill’s misdeeds; he’s not running. She is.

— Amy Bollenbach

Smith Bay oil discovery is not salvation; we need a viable plan

The Caelus Energy oil discovery at Smith Bay on the North Slope should provide a real boost to the state’s economy; unfortunately any income is years out. The state of Alaska has a more immediate fiscal crisis and needs a viable long-term fiscal plan soon. Hopefully, the new Legislature will develop a plan in a responsible manner and not expect the Smith Bay discovery to be their salvation.
Several things need to be kept in mind in regards to this new find:

1. The size of the find is preliminary and needs further and independent evaluation and verification.

2. Getting any oil out of the ground and into the trans-Alaska oil pipeline will be an onerous task taking years; estimates range from four to 10 years.

3. Recent oil prices have bounced around in the mid-$40s, and most analysts think $100 oil is history; estimates are that oil prices will vary between $40 and $60 a barrel.

4. Fossil fuel consumption is on the decline. Coal will almost certainly be the hardest hit, but oil consumption will also be on the decline; natural gas will be around for the foreseeable future and may even increase.

A prudent Legislature will keep these things in mind and realize the Smith Bay discovery is not the salvation for our current fiscal crisis. We still need a viable long-term fiscal plan, and if any income from this field does materialize, it will be a welcome addition to the state coffers.

— Dan Boone

NBC Channel 2 national, local stations telling half the story

My husband and I are regular watchers of the news. We watch NBC Channel 2 — both local and national, One America News and Fox News so that we see various sides to issues and then can make educated decisions on who we will support on the upcoming election. Over time we have felt that NBC has overtly raised issues against the Trump campaign and has ignored serious issues concerning Clinton.

This last Thursday after watching both the Channel 2 local and national news report on nonsubstantiated attacks on Trump and not mentioning Clinton’s ideas on open borders, open trade, higher taxes, attacks on the Catholic church, her husband’s infidelity and Hillary’s attacks on those women who were supposedly raped and groped, on the accusations that The New York Times allowed the Clinton campaign to proof an article before it was printed, that the FBI, president’s office, and Justice Department apparently collaborated on the investigation into the 30,000-plus emails that were erased the day AFTER Mrs. Clinton received a subpoena. The list goes on and on. So, I called Channel 2 and asked for the news desk.

I was transferred to a woman who works for that department and asked why they were not reporting on both candidates. I was told that they only reported on what the national NBC company sent to them. She also told me that they were PAID to broadcast what the national NBC office gave to them. When I questioned her about fair reporting, she responded that “Channel 2 doesn’t have the money to send reporters around the world and that they only showed what their national office sent to them.” She also told me that the national office “vetted” everything that was reported.

My question is: NBC national news has reported over and over that there is no proof concerning the women making accusations concerning Trump, but our local station continues to report these concerns against Trump. They are also NOT reporting the concerns about Clinton, her husband and her campaign. Why is Channel 2 only reporting half of the story? Don’t they have a journalistic responsibility to our state and community?

I am an educated woman, business owner and active in the community. I try to look at all sides of issues and vote responsibly. I am very concerned that we here in Anchorage are only receiving a one-sided version of our national campaign for president and would suggest that all voters watch One America News and Fox News so they can see two sides of this tainted, horrible election. Only then can voters make a better decision on who will choose our next judges and run our country.

— Kristine Stoehner

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