Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, May 15, 2017


Biased paper

I thought the letter from Mr. Jerry Jones (May 10) was very well put and true. I would like to add another thought to his letter. If ADN ever considers to change its name again, it should consider this: "The New York Times: Alaska Edition" since you evidently go out of your way to publish the biased opinions of the Times, Washington Post and numerous other left-wing, liberal newspapers.

— Herbert Gray

Don't give up on Knik crossing

I can understand putting the Knik Arm Crossing on the back burner in these tough economic times. But it would be foolish, Gov. Walker, to kill it all together; it is needed for a future of comfortable growth for our community in the form of single-family housing with an actual yard, industrial land to provide good jobs for our children, and recreational opportunities for our growing population.

I arrived in Anchorage in 1975 in the only car in sight on what appeared to be a vastly overbuilt Glenn Highway. It proved to be a great investment as it allowed growth out to the Valley relieving congestion in Anchorage and providing affordable homes with a bit of land as well as a boon to our economy. Many industries have developed there as available land in Anchorage is near nonexistent and we all have enjoyed the easy access it has provided for our recreation.

I envision my grandchildren's homes on an acre or more, industries providing them with good-paying jobs, small farms feeding us all, new recreational opportunities and even an international refueling and cargo transfer airport all a short commute from downtown Anchorage. Sorry, Lisa and Government Hill, but you to have to adjust to our growth as the rest of our communities have and will.


— Tim Pritchett

New health bill is bad for Alaska

As a health provider relocating to Alaska this summer, I am disheartened to learn of Rep. Don Young's support of the AHCA. Twenty-four million Americans would lose health care if the Senate moves this harmful bill forward.

It seems that Congress has forgotten what the AHCA means to their constituents, so let me remind them:

The AHCA means my family's health insurance would be at risk because states could request waivers for pre-existing conditions.

The AHCA means my patients could lose access to mental health services because states could opt out of providing essential health benefits.

The AHCA means that so many of our children, elders, and friends and family with disabilities would lose health coverage because Medicaid as we know it would be gutted.

The AHCA means that many health providers would be out of work — not because our patients would be cured, but because they wouldn't even be able to seek services.

The AHCA means harm to those already in vulnerable positions.

Senators Murkowski and Sullivan, I and so many Alaskans are counting on you to oppose any bill that ends or restructures Medicaid, or that takes health care away from millions of Americans.

— Sara Buckingham

It is raining

So, let me get this straight. You want to give us some of our Permanent Fund, then turn around and take some of it back by giving us a tax. You are only taking it back from those of us who work. How many unemployed Alaskans are there?
The Permanent Fund was set up for a rainy day — Gov. Walker, representatives and senators, it is pouring out.

Use the fund and leave the hardworking people in this state alone. The Permanent Fund is huge and is not going to run out of money unless you get your hands on it and spend it like it is your own personal checking account.

No tax, and quit unnecessary spending.

— Margaret Hansen

Elder statesmen wisely back tax


The letter to the editor, headlined with four familiar faces, and the caption "Alaska's elder statesmen back a state income tax," (May 12) offers a powerful and profound message to our current Legislature.

These wise statesmen offer their political wisdom, from both parties, literally based on centuries of experience.

No one wants to pay state income taxes but it is time for our state leaders to decide to do what needs to be done now!

— Dr. Terry Stimson
former Alaska state senator

Please keep weekly TV section

One of the favorite hours of my week is the one on Sunday morning when I pour my second cup and, pen in hand, scan the coming week's TV schedule. I plan my watching and my recording, and sometimes move my other activities to accommodate favorite programming.

I know many older people who do the same, and older people are about the only ones left who like their news over their coffee, and written on paper.

Also, the daily listings show only the last nine hours of the day — good stuff often comes earlier and later.

Please keep the weekly TV schedule.

— Don Neal

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