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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, June 19, 2017

  • Author: Alaska Dispatch News
  • Updated: June 18
  • Published June 18

Thanks for home, personal safety training

Thank you to St. Anthony Church and AFACT for sponsoring "A Public Training on Home and Personal Safety" on June 15. Also, thank you to officer Natasha Welch of the Anchorage Police Department and the officers who answered individual questions after the presentation during the reception.

Officer Welch presented stories, video, personal knowledge and humor to educate and hold our attention about the many solutions for safety at home and being out in the neighborhood. We all learned something we were never aware of before this evening. Thank you, APD, for serving the community and working to keep us safe. Also, thank you, St. Anthony Church, for hosting this public event.

— Eva Wissmann

Dandelions are on the move

Do you know where the dandelions in your yard come from besides the wind? They come from lawnmowers going from yard to yard. Think about it.

— Rolf L. Bilet

Sessions seems awfully hard to pin down

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions swears up and down on his not-so-illustrious Southern roots that he had nothing to do with anything whatsoever having to do with, well having to do with pretty much anything.

As he seems to be lucky to remember what his name is, how can you swear you did not do something when you can't remember anything?

— Gregory Schmitz

GOP response to budget reeks of hypocrisy

I'm confused by lobbyist Ashley Reed's statement (ADN, June 19) regarding the House's latest changes to their proposed budget: "One body is trying to make the other body eat their will." Was he referring to the bipartisan House majority and their retraction of their previously submitted budget proposal, or to the Imperial Senate, which from day one has refused to budge one micron from their fanatical representation of the "I'd rather burn down the whole thing than spend a penny of my own money" crowd?

And how about these bits of hyperbole: "The moves provoked howls of protest from the Republican minority, with members saying they were "stunned," "flabbergasted" and "in shock." Anchorage GOP Rep. Lance Pruitt compared House Speaker Bryce Edgmon, D-Dillingham, to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe, while Eagle River Republican Rep. Dan Saddler referenced Franklin D. Roosevelt's description of the Pearl Harbor attack: "a day that will live in infamy." Aren't these the same people who literally locked out the Democratic minority from every last one of their secret, closed-door caucus sessions for the past decade or more? You know, the sessions where they completely monopolized legislating, running the state as if it was simply the conduit for announcing their decrees? What an incredible pile of horse … er, hypocrites.

— Kenneth Higgins

Now is not time to cut funds to fight drugs

The evidence of a drug addiction epidemic can be seen everywhere throughout Anchorage and our entire state. Visit any community and you will find addicts wandering the streets like zombies, and there are countless more inside homes we can't see. Then there is the crime epidemic fueled by the need for addicts to buy more drugs. And this time it is fueled by the drug companies who have been pushing narcotics!

It is vital that our state and local safety and crime entities, as well as our treatment programs, have the resources to fight this. What a great time for the Legislature to cut government funds and give to the oil companies. Oh, wait a minute, I get it. Once we have gutted government private enterprise will have to step in and take over those functions. And make money doing it. It's a win-win for the wealthy! Studies show privatizing public services does not make them better, but it does make a small number of persons wealthier.

You want to see a country where this is the way it works? Check out Mexico, which has one of the world's greatest income disparities. Drug lords are terrorizing the police, the press and the people. It doesn't affect the wealthy there, but the poor. Look at those states that currently are cutting government and giving to private industry. Their outcomes are very poor as well.
But at least it might end the problem of immigration; there will be no more "American Dream" to entice anyone anymore.

— Beverly Churchill

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