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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, January 26, 2018

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
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  • Updated: January 25, 2018
  • Published January 25, 2018


Consider abortion compromise

I am convinced that whomever is shouting the loudest in the continuing pro-life, anti-abortion debate somewhere down the line is going to be proclaimed the winner. Probably, in the end, in the form of some legal decision canceling Roe v. Wade. Both sides make seemingly compelling points; however, the question in my mind boils down to who has the most to lose, the woman seeking the abortion of a fetus, painful or otherwise, for whatever her reasons, or the salving of the philosophical and religious consciences of people completely detached from her personal decision to do so? Moral high ground, with little consequence, must be a comfortable place on which to stand. Anti-abortion people point to horror stories of late-term abortions, abortions of babies capable, at that point, of surviving outside the womb.

Let me offer a suggestion for a compromise on that issue in the pro/anti debate. When a yet unborn baby is capable of surviving on its own, outside the mother's body, the opportunity for an abortion has passed; but up to that point any decision in the matter must be hers alone. Even with this compromise, I have personal misgivings with society, by a stroke of a pen, invading the privacy of a woman's reproductive system and directing that she will bear a child.

— Dennis L Lattery

No getting over this election

With growing apprehension I note the increasing calls to just "get over" the 2016 election, and support the most corrupt, morally bankrupt creature ever to occupy the Oval Office. The croaking for praise grows, even as his economic tin ear tosses our country further under the bus: e.g., 11 countries have just unified, leaving us out — a solidarity move which will cost us billions in lost trade, thanks to Trump's isolationism and failure to understand global economics. France is buying Chinese yuan instead of U.S. dollars; if/when other nations follow, we will lose our standing as the world's reserve currency. Leaders of both congressional houses are pushing to discredit the FBI in an attempt to stop Robert Mueller's investigation, which seems to be breathing down several Republicans' necks, even as it closes in on the POTUS.

Utter corruption, total incompetence. No fat 401(k) or bigger paycheck is worth the dishonor and disaster this wholly unfit president has brought. Get over it? When Hades has ice caps.

— Suzanne Miles
Eagle River

Legal vs. illegal immigrants

Re: Mike Jens letter of Jan. 25:

The vast majority of us are descendants of immigrants; however, also the vast majority of immigrants attained citizenship legally.

Why does Mr. Jens have a hard time differentiating between legal and illegal? If Sultana had the wherewithal to accomplish all the things he says she has, why in the world can she not figure out how to become legal in a country that has afforded her such opportunity. It is an affront to immigrants who did it legally, took the time, effort, etc., to become a legal U.S. citizen. Trump has no problem with immigrants; he does however, as do I, have a problem with illegal immigrants (emphasis on illegal).

DACA was implemented illegally by former president Obama; even his own attorney general said it would never withstand a lawsuit, and now there are more than 10 state attorneys general who have filed suit to have it overturned. If and/or when they are successful the "Dreamers" would be deported. By his actions, Trump has actually saved the "Dreamers."

— Dennis G. Warren, Jr.

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