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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, January 28, 2018

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  • Updated: January 27, 2018
  • Published January 27, 2018

ACP an advocacy group, not voice for pediatricians

The American College of Pediatricians, referred to in William Deaton's letter of Jan. 24, is a small, socially conservative advocacy group of 500 members that issues statements not based in fact. The American Academy of Pediatricians is the professional organization that represents more than 66,000 board certified pediatricians in the United States and issues medical guidance that is evidence-based.

The AAP supports the right for confidential care for adolescents seeking abortion.

— Susan Lemagie, M.D.

Trump didn't win popular vote

In response to Cathy Guay's letter, Trump did not win by more than 3 million votes. We have a loser in the White House. More than 3 million legal voters were disenfranchised and thrown out just because of the state they happened to reside in. Deplorable!

— Terry Casdorph

Expect costly court fight if abortion bill is passed

In response to William Deaton's letter (Jan. 24) asking Alaskans to support HB 250 to end abortions, I would like to offer an alternative action you can take if you oppose his rallying cry to encourage our legislators to get this bill passed.

I would like to suggest becoming a supporter of the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights, or CRR. CRR has successfully sued the State of Alaska, usually representing Planned Parenthood of Alaska, at least four times (1997, 2009, 2014, 2016) for sham laws that attempt to restrict women's access to abortion services. The CRR argued in each case that states cannot attack the fundamental guarantees of the 1973 Supreme Court decision made in Roe v. Wade. This decision affirmed the legality of a woman's right to have an abortion under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, and was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in 2016 in Whole Women's Health vs. Hellerstedt.

I have no doubt that if HB 250 were to become law, the Center for Reproductive Rights would file a lawsuit against the State of Alaska the following day. Laws that impose an undue burden on a fundamental right are unconstitutional. Period. Legislators may want to consider how much of the state budget they are willing to allocate to legal costs to defend this new law.

— Deb McCormick

Trump ran to save country

I find it disheartening to realize that many people are apparently afflicted with TDS — Trump Derangement Syndrome. When I wake up I feel energized and enthused about what the day will bring. Much of this positive energy is due to knowing there is a person in command of this country that does not need the job, a man who has built for himself and his family an empire that will provide for his extended family a life that wants for nothing.

Why did Donald J. Trump run for president? Could it possibly be that he has reaped such huge rewards from this wonderful country of capitalism and free enterprise, and recognized that going down the path of Obama's submissive globalism doctrine was a path to socialism and ruin? And thusly decided to do what he could to salvage this constitutional republic? I wonder what the TDS people would prefer.

Can you give us some names of people you would prefer to see in the White House?

— M.J. Koskovich

The carnival's in town — witness the freak show

This presidency — and race — has been like having the carnival of days gone by visit your home town. The hawker is always full of pompous boasts — lies — and the freak show behind him is sad and disappointing. When the "carny" leaves town, you always say to yourself "Never again."

— Beverly Metcalfe

Murkowski's condemnation of Trump remarks appreciated

I would like to thank Sen. Lisa Murkowski for her condemnation of President Trump's recent racist comments. At this time our country is greatly in need of a far-reaching and respectful international platform. Instead, our president makes clear his contempt for the people of El Salvador, Haiti and the African nations. He refers to these as "s——-" countries and questions the worthiness of their residents for American citizenship.

I have done medical work in El Salvador, Haiti and West Africa and I can assure you that the folks who reside there are fine, decent people. In contrast to his criticism of these countries, Trump feels that the people of Norway, whose citizens are conveniently more like him in appearance, should be welcome to our shores. I would like to point out that disrespect for divergent racial and religious groups within our country is not new behavior for our president. He previously belittled the family of an Iraq War veteran, a Muslim U.S. Army officer, who was killed in combat while serving our country.

I hope that Sen. Murkowski will use her influence to encourage our president to tone down his vulgarity and be more appreciative of the value of our country's racial and religious diversity.

— Tom Mader M.D.
Cooper Landing and Moab, Utah

Please comment on traffic project for Seward, 36th

An article about easing congestion on 36th Avenue and the Seward Highway (Jan. 25) deserves comment from all interested neighbors. The proposal for the interchange put forth by the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities has no northbound on-ramp onto the Seward Highway for traffic heading east on 36th. What this will mean is 36th Avenue traffic trying to head north will use Latouche and Fireweed to access the Seward. With increased commercial development on 36th between Denali and Old Seward, we are looking at increasing drive-through traffic on Latouche, especially during evening rush hour.

If you are concerned about Latouche and Fireweed becoming frontage roads for Seward Highway access, please attend the department open house at the Loussac Library on Jan. 30 from 3–7 p.m. and make your concerns known.

— Thomas and Susan Crowley

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