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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, February 21, 2018

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 20
  • Published February 20

Thanks to the special counsel
Thank you, Mr. Mueller. This is a good foundation. I hope you can help us restore the USA we used to have in the work you are doing for our nation.
— Beverly Metcalfe

Those backing Prop. 1 want policy based on their religion
To: Mr. Minnery and followers:
From now on, please begin your appeal for passing Proposition 1 with the truth. Homosexuals, transgenders, bisexuals, etc. should be banned from certain bathrooms not because they are sexual predators, but because they are sinners. And as proof, you can cite the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament. And you can quote the words of Jesus in the New Testament railing against LGBT people. Oops … I guess you can't because he never said anything about them.
However, Jesus addressed the sin of divorce and re-marriage in both Matthew and Mark.
After Proposition 1 becomes law, perhaps the bathroom police should not only check birth certificates of suspected LBGT people, but also require every marriageable age person to show divorce papers if they have gone through that unfortunate experience. How about written proof from those who covet wealth, use God's name in vain, have been caught shoplifting or gotten a traffic ticket? Shall we all have our sins tattooed on our foreheads to make it easier to decide who can use the bathrooms?
— Kay A. Abrams
Eagle River

No mass shootings at gun shows
Ever wonder why you never hear about mass shooting events at gun shows? All those handguns and ARs laying around with thousands of rounds of ammo available? On a side note; I bet most of the readers of this very liberal paper have no idea what AR, in AR15 stands for. Those idiots think it stands for automatic rifle. WOW.
— Eric Olenick

Mass shootings tell sad truth
We must stop hiding from the facts. From Columbine to Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and Orlando, Las Vegas to Sutherland Springs, now Parkland and all the other mass shootings that have taken place since 1966. Since that time: 1,076 people, 176 of whom were children, have been murdered. There are two common denominators; a deranged shooter and a military style weapon. We are unable to manage human nature in a democracy. We can invoke the Second Amendment of the Constitution which calls for "A well-regulated Militia" and start regulating military style weapons in the hands of our citizens. A well-regulated militia does not mean that all citizens have access to automatic killing machines designed to kill in mass quantity. The "right of people to keep and bear arms," is infringing upon the rest of our society in a bloody way.
— Garth Olson

Restrooms can be dangerous
I haven't made up my mind about transgenders' use of bathrooms (Proposition 1). I am horrified of the potential for transgenders being ridiculed or abused. However, I worry about the unintended consequences of voting no on Proposition 1. Mainly, I believe heterosexual, predatory males may view this as another opportunity to pose as transgender and prey on the vulnerable. I note Mr. McGee's opinion that these acts are illegal. (ADN Feb. 9). Unfortunately, illegal acts happen. Here are two examples: I know a woman who was raped in a restroom and another who foiled an attempt in a dorm shower. So, if we see a masculine-looking person enter the female bathroom or locker room and we don't do anything, could we be enabling a crime? How would we feel if we find out later a woman/child was harmed? Can anyone address this side of the issue?
— Elaine Pfeiffer
Eagle River

Don't close transit center restrooms because of damage
The act of one individual damaging the public restroom at the Anchorage Downtown Transit Center should not have resulted in a permanent closure of said restrooms.
Public transportation provides residents of Anchorage an affordable and efficient way to navigate our community. As a public service the People Mover allows individuals and families of Anchorage to have the ability to get to school, work, houses of worship, parks, healthcare facilities and cultural institutions.
To deny bus riders access to basic amenities while they wait for their transfer sends a message that ACDA doesn't see transit users as part of the population they serve. I hope ACDA sees the error in this closure and works to provide transit riders a waiting experience with dignity, respect, and access to public restrooms.
Britta Hamre
Chair, Public Transportation Advisory Board
— Anchorage

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