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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, March 7, 2018

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 7
  • Published March 7

Trade war is reckless
President Trump recently announced his plan to start a trade war claiming that "trade wars are good and easy to win." Both claims are absolutely false. History is filled with examples of countries enacting protectionist trade legislation and it rarely ends well. The Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act of 1930, and other similar measures in European countries, exacerbated the Great Depression and led to political instability around the world.
The recently announced tariffs will benefit a small number of people in the steel and aluminum industries but everyone else will be hurt. Consumers will pay higher prices and people working in industries effected by retaliatory tariffs will face layoffs. The European Union has already announced plans to tax American bourbon, blue jeans, motorcycles and cars. President Trump no doubt will respond with additional tariffs and it will result in a vicious cycle of rising tariffs that will kill economic growth.
This is part of a broader pattern of reckless behavior by the president that illustrates very clearly why Vladimir Putin was so eager to have him elected. In 2014, the Western democracies implemented strong sanctions against Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine. Since then, Russia has been doing everything possible to destabilize the Western democracies and drive a wedge between us and our strategic allies. Donald Trump's behavior plays directly into Putin's hands.
When faced with unfair trade practices, responsible leaders submit a complaint to the World Trade Organization for arbitration, avoiding the risk of a trade war. That is exactly what the World Trade Organization was created to do. Donald Trump, by contrast, has chosen to manufacture a crisis as a way of distracting attention from Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, a technique he has repeatedly used to remove unflattering news from the headlines.
This time, however, the chaos he creates will have real consequences.
— Jeffrey L Rothman

Choose equality over fear
Growing up in Anchorage, I was taught that all people, regardless of their identity, should be treated with dignity and respect. I carried that message with me into my adult life where I now work as an advocate for people experiencing domestic violence. On a daily basis, I support clients who face violence in their homes, communities and schools, and I actively work to build a world free of that violence.
Prop. 1 opposes the world I believe in and work toward every day. The proposed legislation does not make us any safer but instead denies basic protections to our transgender neighbors. It discriminates against a community because of who they are, and that does not represent the Anchorage I know and love.
Come April, I urge you to choose equality and vote No on Prop 1. Every Anchorage resident, including those who identify as transgender, deserve to feel safe and valued.
— Maddy Moore

Stop the sale of ML&P
I will not support an effort by the mayor to enter into negotiations to sell ML&P to Chugach Electric because we are being asked to decide two questions: One is a one-time change to the city charter, and two is the sale of a bankrupted, debt-riddled city utility with way more electrical capacity than it knows what to do with.
There are additional concerns as well. The mayor is standing in line to collect the city's share of tax credits owed by the state. If Chugach is buying the gas fields, it should benefit from the tax credits.
Chugach members should be concerned with the huge amount of debt being purchased and the employee agreements being stipulated by the mayor. I think having one utility makes good sense, but under the terms put forth by the mayor, Chugach members should walk away from the table because all this deal will do is increase rates and personnel costs.
— Randy Hodges

Vote no on Prop. 1
Everyone from newborns to elders: Unless you are willing to carry your own and your child's birth certificate on your person 24/7 and be ready to show it to the bathroom police, you need to vote 'no' on Proposition 1 to stop discrimination now! Prop. 1 sponsors Jim Minnery and his wife say that Prop 1 is to protect "women and children."
What about males? Pedophiles will have a field day, for they can be in the restroom of their birth gender! The Minnerys and others that are afraid to use a restroom out of fear of transgender folks could consider limiting their food and drink intake so they do not need to use public restrooms very often. Problem solved for everyone with a no vote!
— Peggy Bergsrud

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