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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, March 11, 2018

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 10, 2018
  • Published March 10, 2018

Time to ban assault rifles

How many more children will be gunned down before our mealy mouthed politicians grow a backbone and take a principled stand on an issue that prioritizes public safety over the profits of gun manufacturers?

Despite all the laws and firewalls society has put in place, deranged people continue to legally purchase assault rifles and commit mass murder. If restricting the sale of these weapons prevents just one person from going to a school, a church, a concert or a theater and creating a massacre then its intent will have been justified.

This act alone will not solve all the underlying problems of a violence prone society, but it is a step forward. I support the Second Amendment and own firearms myself and I feel no contradiction in my values for supporting a restriction on the sale assault rifles as a much-needed public safety issue and not as an attack on the Constitution. We cannot stand by any longer and allow more of our fellow citizens to be murdered for lack of enacting simple common sense legislation designed to save lives not suppress freedom.

— Douglas Hope

PETA is right: Iditarod dog deaths are unacceptable

I would like to comment on the Iditarod, with attention to the article of interviews of "Iditarod officials" on PETA.

I have supported this race for 15 years — until all the dog deaths last year. In my opinion any dog death is unacceptable and the fact that nothing happens to anyone in conjunction with the death of a dog, has no one to answer to. Let us not forget that two of the deaths are on the hands of the "officials" through the transport and handling of dropped dogs.

Mark Nordman's comment that PETA is a terrorist organization is absolutely ridiculous. The good they do to help animals is unprecedented, and I feel the threat of his well paid position may be a stake because of the voice they have. Perhaps that is what concerns him more than anything.

I know a few mushers who absolutely love and care for their charges. That is why I became a supporter of the race. But, last year put me on different footing and I cannot, in good conscience, support the race this year.

I hope the race gets the face-lift it needs.

Another comment has to do with John Carpenter saying that no Alaskan will support PETA is wrong as I know many "Alaskans" not to mention corporations that have pulled their support this year due to the deaths last year.

Also the idea to disqualify mushers with a dog death is a good thing, but the comment made about Jeff King would have been disqualified because an inebriated snowmachiner killed one of his dogs is ludicrous. Another musher was also cited in that his dogs got tangled up on a river. Well that would be the responsibility of the musher. Big difference.

I do hope the exposure the Iditarod board and officials are now experiencing puts a new light on the race to make it a Great Race once again with priority to the lives and care of the dogs, the real athletes and heroes.

— Nancy Esson

Young lived in different world

Contrary to Don Young's comment that, "Up until 40 years ago, kids brought to school every day: guns." (Anchorage Daily News, February 23), bringing a gun to school, in the Anchorage School District 40 years ago was not usual or acceptable. It would have earned the student a suspension!

Don Young obviously lived in a different world.

— Jean Lorentzen

Vote yes on school bonds

As you mark your mail-in ballot for this year's municipal election, I urge you to vote yes on the school bond.

The $50.6 million authorized in the bond will fund needed maintenance on 15 Anchorage schools. Just as you would want to fix your roof before it damages your home due to leaks, the Anchorage School District endeavors to stay ahead of costly repairs by fixing things before they fail. Many of our school facilities are 30-50 years old and in great need of updating. Please guard our investment in safe, well-functioning school facilities by passing this bond.

— Chris Tower Zafren

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