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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, March 14, 2018

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 14
  • Published March 14

Hypocrisy of grifters like Sen. Kelly is outrageous

Sen. Kelly advocates, "Alaskans who get Medicaid should be required to work or volunteer their time."

Sure thing, Pete, just as soon as you and your fellow grifters in our Legislature work to earn your free health care.

Astounding! Does your sense of entitlement, hubris and hypocrisy know any limits at all?

— Al-Hajji Frederick H. Minshall

Chugach Electric doesn't need to take on ML&P debt

Anchorage residents and Chugach Electric customers are more than a little skeptical of the supposed "manufactured" benefits of purchasing the debt ridden and unprofitable ML&P.

Some of the largest Anchorage businesses have appeared before the regulatory commission opposed to huge increases in rates, which no doubt came about due to the pretty stupid decision to build an unneeded generation plant.

Chugach hasn't put forward a good enough explanation as to why its members should absorb nearly $400 million in debt and a promise to retain an unnecessary duplicate workforce. And finally, it was the Assembly that manufactured a charter run-around to more easily dump the the utility.

One utility makes sense, Chugach doesn't need it to be profitable, and low interest rates seems like a pretty lame excuse to pay $300 million more than what the utility is worth.

— Randy Hodges

Join military if you want to shoot machine guns

There are obviously a lot of people who seem to treasure semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons. I own weapons and have for many years. However, I have never had the desire to own one that is fully automatic.

I have fired fully automatic weapons during my time in the military. They have a distinct purpose, but it isn't hunting animals for food. Consequently, I have no use for them now.

I have an idea for people who are attracted to these types of weapons they might consider. Join the U.S. Army or Marines. Think about this: They pay for the weapons, have all the ammunition you could ever use, and they will train you on how to use them effectively. A beneficial side effect, one I cherish, is that you will also be protecting the people in this country and their way of life while you're plinking away. And, by the way, you may find this hard to believe but they will pay you to do all of this!

— Dean C. Hill

ADN needs Native voices

Having made several documentaries about Bristol Bay commercial fishermen that were on PBS ("Caught in Bristol Bay" and "Making Waves") and also recently having published a book, "Who Killed the Pebble Mine?" I read the ADN regularly online.

I find, in general, a lack of diversity in your Alaska and local reporting. Namely with 15 percent of your population being Alaska Natives, with their presence in Alaska being so much longer than non-Native Alaskans and with the richness of their traditional culture … I do not feel the ADN has enough Alaska Native writers or articles.

I think there should be more articles about the challenges of Alaska Natives written by Alaska Natives.

Alaska Native elders have great wisdom, but where are their stories in your newspaper?

Alaska now has hundreds of Alaska Native college graduates, who have benefited from generous scholarships.

Let's hear more of their ideas and voices in the ADN.

— Donald Blank
Buffalo, NY

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