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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hey horse owners, how about shoveling some manure?

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
    | Opinion
  • Updated: May 17
  • Published May 17

I'm a dog owner. When I walk my dog, I take bags in case one or more have to go poop. I was told this is actually a law in Anchorage. I'm not sure, but it is the considerate and responsible thing to do.

I have noticed that horse owners do not do this. They allow their "pets" to poop on the streets or in the parks where they ride.

Why do horse owners not clean up after their animals? This is a question I have often wondered about.

I am tired of scooping horse poop from the front of my street by my driveway. The owners could at least come back and dispose of the poop.

I have to imagine that if I continually let my dog poop in front of someone's driveway, or on the trails where they walked, I would be asked to clean up. I have often seen this discussion on the trails on the Hillside between dog owners and non-dog owners, but never with horse owners.

It just seems like there is no equity in this relationship.

Chad D. Gerondale

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