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Letters to the Editor

Letter: The Knik bridge again?

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
    | Opinion
  • Updated: May 17
  • Published May 17

That darn Knik bridge plan is harder to kill than Rasputin! Another $4.5 million to keep the concept going — a typical Alaska boondoggle. Let's look at a few of its "benefits."

1. It's no quicker or shorter for most commuters.

2. If half of the Matanuska Valley motorists choose to use it, 10,000-15,000 vehicles will be dumped into the downtown area every morning. It's bad enough now.

3. Of the above, at least half will have to make their way to South or East Anchorage via the congested downtown traffic corridors.

4. If an accident happens on the bridge, it'll be interesting to see how emergency vehicles and medics get there to clean up the mess. Helicopters, maybe?

5. If (when) the accident happens, there are no detours. You'll just sit and wait as long as your gas holds out.

6. If you think the fog and frost are bad on the Glenn, you'll find it three times as often and twice as thick over the Knik Arm. This means more rear-enders and no shoulders for escape routes.

7. The numbers say it can never pay its own way, so guess who will?

8. The only folks who will profit in the long run are those who now own or control property in certain areas and those who will build subdivisions on that Knik/Goose Bay property.

9. To No. 8 above, add those who will get the billion-dollar construction contracts, mostly based out of state.

10. Well, aren't nine enough?

Don Neal

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