Letters to the Editor

Letter: Don’t get into the mud, campaigns

In the ADN July 18, there was a story about the Dunleavy campaign using a women's image without her approval. I get it. It was well explained by the campaign as to the source, and it was corrected to her satisfaction.

I had heard rumblings that a campaign was being supported by multiple well-entrenched Lower 48 groups, that were going to start the silly negative messages soon, hoping to sway Alaska voters. It looks like the race is on.

I had hoped that politicians and their advisers would have learned by now that Alaskans see through the charade, and are quite put-off by these tactics. If I, as a nonpartisan super-voter in Alaska, see more of this, I am definitely being swayed to vote for the side being attacked.

The groups that put this trash out think they are relieving a campaign of the responsibility for attack ads, with the disclaimer of, "This ad has not been approved, or endorsed by any candidate." That's shallow and disingenuous, and we are not falling for it.

Fair warning to all campaigns, both gubernatorial as well as state house (i.e. for District 25). We are not falling for it.
— Brian Webb

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Tom Hewitt

Tom Hewitt is opinions editor of the ADN. He previously was editorial page editor of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and news director of KTVF and KXDF in Fairbanks.