Letter: Kavanaugh nomination threatens Alaskans’ rights

With the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, Alaskans' civil rights are in the crosshairs of activist right-wing judges. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, it will give anti-civil rights activists a majority that they have not had since the late 19th century, when the Taney Court issued the notorious Dred Scott decision.

Tragically, it is all too clear where Chief Justice Roberts wants to take the court: He wants to reverse every landmark civil rights protection issued during the 20th century. Reproductive rights for women? Those would be gone with Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Voting rights for blacks and Alaska Natives? Those would be obliterated if Kavanaugh consolidates the reactionary power bloc.
Basic labor protections for hard-working Americans? Gone, if Kavanaugh creates the most radical anti-democratic majority we've seen in a hundred years.
The Roberts court poses an existential threat to our democracy.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski should vote "no" on his confirmation, because we can't go back to the Jim Crow era, a time when women couldn't control their own bodies, blacks and Alaska Natives couldn't exercise the franchise, and corporations ran roughshod over workers' rights.
— Kevin D. McGee
President, Anchorage NAACP

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