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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Sen. McCain deserved more print space

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
    | Opinion
  • Updated: September 10, 2018
  • Published September 10, 2018

Considering that the memorial honoring John McCain dominated the news, I was eager to read more about it — who was there, why he picked certain individuals to eulogize him, the significance of the men's choir, etc.

I was shocked that our newspaper didn't have it on the front page … and then even more shocked that it wasn't even in the first section! Then I thought it would be on the front page of the second section, which is usually national news. To my dismay, it wasn't even there — but several articles regarding President Donald Trump were!

Finally, on page B2, there was a photo taken at the memorial, and then just a short blurb regarding the memorial was in the section of what's going on around America! Our paper should always reflect the news that is dominating our nation. I was so disappointed in this newspaper!
— Connie Flanders

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