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Letter: Kavanaugh and Roe v. Wade

I found some small amusement in Ken Jacobus' letter on the Brett Kavanaugh appointment, simply because it so closely followed President Donald Trump's playbook. When he is planning some egregious action, he will almost always accuse the other side of already doing it. Thus, when his action becomes public, and the other side protests, the subject will be old news.

Kavanaugh was appointed specifically because he can be relied upon to "legislate from the bench" in support of Trump personally and of the political far right generally. The Trumpists (previously called Republicans) in the Senate will confirm Kavanaugh for just those reasons.

On the subject of Roe v. Wade, Kavanaugh has stated that this subject is "settled law." Such a statement from a well-educated lawyer is at best highly disingenuous and at worst genuinely dishonest. He knows perfectly well that law is "settled" only until the next challenge. Given the Trumpists' recent stacking of the lower courts with authoritarian ideologues, the upward path of the next challenge will be smooth. A court packed with right-wing justices could then reverse the Roe decision, even if there was no actual constitutional rationale for doing so. The opposition would then spend the next few decades fighting their way back up through the stacked lower courts to challenge the ruling. In the meantime, women will die.
Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the court.
— Wayne Robinson
Eagle River

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Tom Hewitt

Tom Hewitt is opinions editor of the ADN. He previously was editorial page editor of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and news director of KTVF and KXDF in Fairbanks.