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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fight corruption consistently

  • Author: Geoff Kennedy
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 11
  • Published January 11

My response to Ken Smith’s letter asking why the Catholic Church isn’t prosecuted for its crimes: Our criminal justice system holds individuals, not groups, responsible for their crimes. The Catholic Church consists of more than a billion baptized Catholics. I’m unaware of any prisons large enough to imprison us all.

If there’s a way to get “anything significant done” about the crimes of Catholic officials, let’s apply it to another “corrupt organization,” the Alaska National Guard, which also “committed and covered up its heinous crimes against innocent victims.” Ditto BP, an outfit implicated in the deaths of some 11 workers in the Gulf of Mexico and in continuing lawbreaking in Alaska.

The Catholic Church doesn’t charge taxpayers for its corruption and cover-ups. But we have to pay for Trump Cabinet members’ widespread corruption and cover-ups, as well as a CEO who brags about being able to get away with crimes even if he murders somebody.

We also provide funds that help finance the Israeli Defense Forces, which Human Rights Watch cites for numerous war crimes. Tell our politicians to stop vetoing all attempts to hold that criminal organization accountable for its behavior. And stop our $3.9 billion handouts to the bad guys.

— Geoff Kennedy


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