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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Sales tax would be better than income tax

  • Author: David Catchpole
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 11
  • Published January 11

Once again, a proponent of an Alaska state income tax (John Havelock) has propagated the notion that we can all deduct any state income tax from our federal income tax. The facts of the matter are that only those who itemize deductions on their federal income tax can deduct state taxes, and the vast majority of Alaskans don’t itemize deductions, they take the standard deduction.

Also, with the Trump increase in the standard deduction, even more people will take it instead of itemizing. So let’s stop pulling the wool over people’s eyes. If you want a tax, go for a sales tax that can exempt essential items and/or be seasonal. Everyone needs some skin in the game, and the more non-essential expensive items you buy, the more tax you pay.

— Dave Catchpole


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