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Letters to the Editor

Letter: On fascism

  • Author: George Harbeson
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 13
  • Published January 13

On fascism

Pam Siegfried’s recent letter characterized this country’s surging fascism as being more leftist, citing the forbidding of “conservatives” (i.e. right-wing) from speaking at colleges, chasing Republicans out of restaurants, identifying enemies, “mobbing up” on Trump staffers.

But how about the rampant sexism, toxic masculinity, cronyism, and corruption showcased by Trump, his administration, and his rallies? She doesn’t mention their capitalism, assault, of people and the environment. Nor does she mention the rise of white supremacists and so-called militias. All sound familiar? It’s a virulent ill wind coming from the right — Rick Steiner’s listing of Lawrence Britt’s 14 elements of 20th-century fascist regimes is a road map to what’s happening in the U.S.

She considers the antifa — abbreviation for anti-fascist — to be “Hitler’s brown shirts reborn.” That would be news to the Spanish Civil War Republicans aided by communists, socialists, and even Americans. They opposed Franco, who was supported by Germany’s Nazi satanic cult and Mussolini’s self-styled “fascism.” Communism is also totalitarian, corruptly corporate and brutal, but not fascist. Antifa being fascist is absurd.

I agree wholeheartedly with Pam on the Clinton Foundation. Rotten to the core. But “freezing the NRA out …?” With 300 million-400 million firearms in this country? Only if the River Styx freezes over. Rabbit holes are everywhere in our Alice In Wonderland country these days and her letter was a floppy-eared doozy of such.

— George Harbeson


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