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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Racetrack noise is just months away

  • Author: David Goodwin
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 13
  • Published January 13

People who live in the Butte area have a great community. You would like to believe that the Borough Assembly members would want to keep it that way. But alas, they have let a noise monster into our growing community. That, of course, is the oval race track at Alaska Raceway. We already had enough noise without this terrible thing being added.

Three things we already had were the Butte airstrip, the off-road trails around Jim Creek and, of course, the drag strip. I will always support these three activities we have here but the added noise of oval track racing is just over the top.

The track owner wants to downplay the level of noise and times it runs. Last summer, I kept count of times and days it ran; it was more than 26 days. You have to bring into account days these racers want to practice. I am all for motor sports of all kinds, but where this stuff is built needs a harder look before jumping in.

For those of you who have not experienced just how loud this thing is and the duration of the noise, you need to come and see for yourself. Then ask yourself: Would I allow this into my neighborhood? The answer is no. There were never any environmental studies or votes by community members to allow this oval track to be built. The Assembly just gave the owner an OK to build, which was so wrong in many ways. A further look will reveal that the borough sold an adjacent 25 acres to Alaska Raceway that was supposed to be a buffer zone to help with the noise. What happened then was the owner clear-cut the buffer zone and opened a gravel pit (we already had four) in Butte. The owner then turned around and sold the gravel back to the borough for the airport extension and financed his oval track with that money.

I guess I should get more friends on the Borough Assembly so I can have my way on whatever I want to do. Please come and experience the noise, and you will agree this needs to be stopped.

— David Goodwin


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