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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Flip a coin for House control

  • Author: Lynn Willis
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 12
  • Published February 12

The Alaska House of Representatives remains in “gridlock” while 700,000 Alaskans wait for the issue of who will become the next speaker of House to be resolved.

I propose we settle the issue of choosing the next House speaker using the method allowed to resolve a tied vote in Alaska — a coin toss. Of course, you need two candidates before you toss the coin; therefore, let the Alaska Legislature experience the wisdom of the “top two” election primary system by allowing every Representative to appear on the “primary ballot” — the first vote taken. After that first election, the two with the most votes proceed to the “general” election on the floor of the House. If there is a tie between them, then take that coin kept in the office of the lieutenant governor and use it to determine the results. This could easily be accomplished within one hour.

— Lynn Willis

Eagle River

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