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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pass the Permanent Fund amendments

  • Author: Josh Church
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 12
  • Published February 12

The governor’s three constitutional amendments are exactly what is required to fix the fiscal insanity that has plagued Juneau for decades. Alaska has maintained a massive spending problem for years, far outspending other states and receiving far less return. Alaska ranks near the bottom in infrastructure development, education testing and many other metrics. Yet Alaska has consistently outspent the nation per capita.

The Legislature can’t be counted on to make the hard decisions to cut spending. Every spending cut hurts some program and likely results in a loss of a friend or neighbor’s job. Although this is regrettable, we must acknowledge that too many people in the employ of the state will bankrupt the state and cause further economic hardship to its citizens. The Legislature worried about activating disenfranchised voters has proved time and again that it is not up to the task of sustained fiscal responsibility.

The three amendments proposed by the governor fulfill his promise to fiscal responsibility. In essence, the three bills will cumulatively take the major budgetary responsibility out of the Legislature and give them an adequate budget that they will be responsible for spending. Anything the state brings in above the budget set for the Legislature will automatically be put into savings for future generations of Alaskans and budgetary crisis. This forced fiscal sanity allows the Legislature to remain in control of how money is spent without giving them an unlimited budget.

— Josh Church


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