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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Wall misinformation

  • Author: Jim O'Toole
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 12
  • Published February 12

Unlike much of the discussion regarding the policies of President Donald Trump, David Williams’ comments regarding Trump’s border wall were thoughtful and polite. Unfortunately, his letter pointed out another element among people who support the president and his wall: It was based on woefully bad information.

Mr. Williams seems to think that Trump’s wall will span the entire border with Mexico when, in fact, it is only a 200 mile section on a 2,000-mile border. I wonder if Mr. Williams realizes that Trump’s statements regarding the numbers of immigrants entering the country are often inaccurate; immigration at the southern border has been decreasing for a number of years.

The primary misconception Mr. Williams has, and this is a direct result of Donald Trump’s lies, is that this 200-mile wall will stop drugs from entering the country at an increased rate. The fact is that nearly all illegal drugs brought into this country come in miles away from where Trump wants his wall, on airplanes, boats and vehicles at legal border crossings. Very little of the illegal drugs are carried on foot across the border in the area where Trump wants his wall, and the wall will do little to solve this actual crisis.

Mr. Williams did bring up an interesting point when he mentioned the “walls” that his neighbors in Mexico have around their homes, and it reminds me of the lie Donald Trump told about a wall around former President Barack Obama’s home. It also suggest a simple and cheap solution for taxpayers for this illegal immigrant “crisis:” Mr. Williams and all others in this country who are afraid of immigrants should build a wall around their own homes, just like Donald Trump has done at all of his residences. Taxpayers save $6 billion-$20 billion and people sufficiently frightened by this president’s rhetoric and “alternative facts” will have the security they seem to be demanding. People taking care of their own problems is what will really make this country great again.

— Jim O’Toole


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