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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Are we freeloaders?

  • Author: Timothy Johnson
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 21
  • Published February 21

When considering Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s opinion piece published Feb. 12 regarding his budget proposal, it’s important to identify his underlying premise, which is this: Alaskans should benefit from state government services without having to pay for them. Believing that state services must be free is the ethic of a freeloader, defined as one who takes advantage of another’s generosity without giving anything in return.

Consider the synonyms for “freeloader”: mooch, leech, deadbeat, parasite, sponge, bloodsucker, tic, bum. Apparently, it is OK with Gov. Dunleavy if thousands of Alaskans lose their jobs. It is OK that the oil companies will continue to make billions in profits while many Alaskans lose their health insurance. Dunleavy would rather watch thousands of Alaskans suffer than eliminate the per-barrel tax credit, a possibility suggested by Sen. Bill Wielechowski. The governor won’t suffer himself, of course. He’ll continue to collect his salary and enjoy generous state benefits while denying others. Do you smell that? It is the stench of his hypocrisy, rising to the high heavens.

— Timothy Johnson


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