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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Be safe with guns

  • Author: Kate Wool
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 20
  • Published February 20

I read the article, with great despair, about the child who brought a hand gun to the Rogers Park Elementary School.

This is a very serious matter and the article, the school district, law enforcement and the school made light of the situation, stating, “Staff reacted quickly and at no time were students or staff in danger.” No child under the age of 18 should have access to a handgun to put in their backpack and bring to school or anywhere. Period.

There should be strict consequences for this child’s family and the child. The school and law enforcement should have an internal investigation on how this happen and take steps to prevent it in the future. When an Anchorage student spray-painted on the bathroom walls that they were going to harm students at school last fall, there was quite a bit of panic, investigation, and consequences for the district and the student. It doesn’t matter if the child had intent or not, the consequences could have been deadly. This situation should be regarded as serious in every way. The parents at the school and the community have the right know if the handgun was loaded or not. They would be the ones suffering the consequences if it had been fired on purpose or accidentally.

I know children make mistakes, and this could be that. But this is an adult problem. All households with minors should have their guns unloaded and locked away with ammunition separate. All parents should ask before you send your child or teenager to someone’s else’s house if they have their firearms secure and unloaded.

The school district in Anchorage should increase its gun safety education immediately, and the public should be informed how the gun was found and if it was loaded. The school district should educate children and adults on gun safety education, and not make light of any situation where a child brings a handgun to school. The district has the power to permeate communities on gun safety education.

For more information on gun safety, please see these resources: ASKING SAVES KIDS or BE SMART.

It could save your child's life or someone else's.

- Kate Wool


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