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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Snow removal suggestions

  • Author: Tony LaMantia
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 21
  • Published February 21

I’ve been in Anchorage for a couple of weeks now, driving a truck for my company, which recently got a contract to do some work here. Being a first-time visitor I am awestruck by the beauty of the area. But I do have one complaint: Your roads, parking lots and sidewalks. They are in horrible shape compared to ours in the Midwest.

Thick ice and snow in the median and along the sides of the roads are not uncommon here, as I have discovered, as well as in parking lots. Allow me to make a suggestion: Calcium chloride. It does wonders! Hours after a snowfall, our roads are clean, dry and in perfect condition.

Science has made giant leaps in the field of snow removal, Anchorage and Alaska in general should embrace the science. Your drivers will love it.

— Tony LaMantia

Chicago, Illinois

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