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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Elders can’t afford governor’s budget

  • Author: Bill Brokaw
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 13
  • Published March 13

My 80-year-old wife and I have lived in the Palmer Pioneer Home eight months. We moved into this home because of her Alzheimer’s disease. I’m 83, and moved in with her to make the move easier for her to accept. We are both veterans.

The monthly cost of my wife’s 24/7 care is $6,216. Of this amount, $5,594 is paid for by the Medicaid waiver insurance and the VA. The residential monthly charges for my one room are $2,588, with the VA paying $1,120. The monthly charges for the two of us amount to $1,742, which I pay.

On Feb. 28th, at a residential meeting we were informed by Clinton Lasley, Division Director of Alaska’s Pioneers Home, that a proposal was in the works that would increase our costs of living in the home considerably. He had written a letter to each resident and employee of the homes informing them of these proposed changes.

The proposal is as follows:

Level 1: $3,623 per month

Level 2: $6,569 per month

Level 3: $11,185 per month

Level 4: $13,333 per month

Level 5: $15,000 per month

As you can see, these new rates will more than double my costs and are not affordable.

I want your readers to be aware of what may happen to our costs as a result of our governor’s budget cuts.

— Bill Brokaw


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