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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Grandfather rates for Pioneer Home residents

  • Author: Connie Woolard
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 16
  • Published March 16

I have some questions about the proposed new rates for the Pioneer Homes. The figures say that the state of Alaska has been subsidizing the Pioneer Homes with more than $30 million per year to operate the homes. Does this figure include the cost for residents who do not pay their own way and get assistance to pay their monthly bill? Does the state of Alaska bear all the costs of providing this assistance to these residents, or does some come from the federal government?

What is the ratio of those who are self-paying to those who are subsidized? I wonder if those who self-pay are probably covering their own costs, but now their rates are being increased to help cover the costs of those that are being subsidized?

Raising the rates to this level will basically make the Pioneer Home a place where only subsidized residents can afford to live. How will that affect the budget, when more people have to be subsidized? Is the goal to close the doors of the Pioneer Homes because they are not self-supporting?

The residents that are self-paying should be grandfathered in at current rates. They do not really have the option of moving at this stage of life, as it would be extremely hard on them.

I believe everyone should help pay their own way, which is why I support a state sales tax.

— Connie Woolard


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