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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pollution in Butte

  • Author: David Goodwin
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 16
  • Published March 16

Recent Assembly meetings and lots of talk about air pollution in our community have been on the front burner. I have lived in the Butte area since 1958 and we have great air. People need to get smart and start fighting the real pollution, which is noise.

The noise, of course, is the new oval race track that was shoved upon us with little public knowledge. Once again, I am not complaining about the drag strip. It was built in 1964, and anyone who bought or built a home here knew it was there, so they have no right to complain. The sad news is none of these people signed up for the oval track noise.

This type of racing was tried at North Star Speedway in Wasilla, and guess what? It took some time, but the people of that area got it stopped. What it takes is persistence and everyone coming together as a force, and we the people as a group can stop this noise menace in the Butte.

I cannot imagine why this was moved to our neighborhood when it was a known fact how loud it is. Isn’t our community just as important as the community by North Star Speedway? This new oval track brings nothing of value to the Butte! If anything, it has lowered property values.

The people who race on this new oval track do not live here. These folks would never want this in their backyards. People of the Butte, get on track and start calling all Mat-Su Borough Assembly members to let them know what a tragedy it was for them to let this happen. Let’s stop the noise!

— David Goodwin


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