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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Black rifles do matter

  • Author: Steve Hickman
    | Opinion
  • Updated: April 15
  • Published April 15

Black rifles do matter

It’s hard to believe that AP writer Mark Thiessen is either so devoid of journalistic curiosity or so biased against guns and conservatives that he failed to research the words, “Black Rifles.” For me, typing in “Black Ri” was enough to bring up the Black Rifle Coffee Co., a veteran-owned small-batch coffee company. Its website offers advertising merchandise, shows support of gun rights and celebrates all veterans present and past, including 2nd Ranger Company: the first and last all-black Army Ranger Unit.

When a reporter and news establishment fail to talk to the parties involved and avoid simple research, they neglect the basic fundamentals of reporting. Please do better in the future.

— Steve Hickman


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