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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Support a president of climate change action

  • Author: Wayne Jones
    | Opinion
  • Updated: April 15
  • Published April 15

If you care about the future of our planet and its inhabitants, “The Uninhabitable Planet: Life After Warming” by David Wallace-Wells lays it all out there in scary detail. Not for the faint of heart, it will scare the bejeebers out of you. But, it is not a fictional horror story. It is a horror story of a very real and undeniable climate future of unheard of proportions. Literally. Most of you won’t read it (“normalcy bias” won’t let you). But you should, as climate change unfolds into the very dark reality it will become.

Everyone should know what’s coming. More than 10 years ago, scientists and climatologists around the planet predicted this current decade as our first taste of abnormally huge and frequent natural disasters. That speaks for itself.

In the next decade, those same scientists predict our military will make the necessary shift from protectors of the homeland to disaster relief agents on a national scale. Later in the same decade and into the 2030s, American politicians, as they always do, will throw alarming (and misguided) amounts of money at the problem, as politicians on both sides of the aisle believe more money cures everything. Sadly and alarmingly, the folks who have the resources to actually do something about it will respond (if at all) after it’s too late. That would be the top 1% who garner most of the nation’s (and the world’s) wealth.

Call me an alarmist or a realist — or a quack. In any event, the presidential candidate I vote for in 2020 will be the one who has climate change action as the base of their political platform. If humanity fails to address this herd of elephants in the room, all other issues will be moot.

— Wayne Jones


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