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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Who’s taking whose treats?

  • Author: Louis Breuer
    | Opinion
  • Updated: April 18
  • Published April 18

On the same recent day that the ADN published reports of a woman accosting Gov. Mike Dunleavy in Nome and pictures of protesters heckling him, an opinion letter writer from Juneau referred to PFD dividend checks as “treats” and chided Gov. Dunleavy for his proposed budget cuts.

Although many considered them little better than out-and-out thieves, I don’t recall seeing many reports about such similar attacks being directed at the immediately former governor and friends for confiscating PFD checks for the past three years.

Who’s taking whose treats? Who’s addicted to sweets? Is it really ordinary PFD-drawing Alaskans who have better chances of visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory than visiting their own state capital?

Are we to believe that Alaska’s historically oil-money-rich political system has been so chronically underfeeding its non-PFD treasury money recipients such that they are disproportionately in danger of starving now that oil prices have gone down? After all, they put politicians’ names on buildings because they delivered the treasury money for the project or program, not because they didn’t.

— Louis Breuer


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