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Letters to the Editor

Letter: President Trump’s authority

  • Author: Michael O. McGinty
    | Opinion
  • Updated: May 13, 2019
  • Published May 13, 2019

Mr. Jed Whittaker should go get a copy of the Constitution and read it. President Donald Trump has not committed any high crimes to be impeached for.

It is correct only Congress can declare war, which they have not, so we are not at war. President Trump is the commander-in-chief of the military, and he can move troops as he wishes. As president, he can move money within and around his departments and has veto powers of bills sent to him from Congress.

As for Trump’s wall, it’s America’s wall. I have lived and worked on the southern border and I say we need it to help stop illegal immigration, child trafficking and drugs coming into the U.S. A country without borders is not a country, and our borders should be respected, which they are not, so we need the wall to stop the crises at the border.

You have a right to stop someone from coming into your home, as President Trump has the responsibility and right to stop people coming into our country illegally. Democrats have been yelling “impeachment” since before he was even inaugurated; they would rather see our president fail rather than America to succeed. Don’t believe everything you hear or read; do research and find the truth yourself.

— Michael O. McGinty


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