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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Stop the cycle of hate

  • Author: Duane Christensen
    | Opinion
  • Updated: May 23, 2019
  • Published May 23, 2019

Why has our society devolved more and more into hate? We have become haters; we hate each other if we are of a different ethnicity, whether it’s because we have a difference of opinion, ancestry, culture, the color of our skin, religion or our age.I am reminded of a pre-World War II Germany. How did a nation get to such a fascist state so quickly? By conditioning their youth to hate anything not approved by the state, through their “education” system. I refer to this system as a “government-funded indoctrination process.” We are repeating this cycle here in the U.S. Our “education” system is throwing our children and our future under the bus because of one particular ideology.

The first step is to teach children to think circularly instead of critically or independently. Second, teach revisionist history. Third, teach them that anyone who does not “believe” as they are being taught is not just wrong but an enemy. We end up with young adults who hate someone who does not accept the science that man is the express reason for global warming, that everyone who disagrees with their ideology is a racist, homophobic, bigot, Nazi, or, if that confused person is white, they are “privileged” and racist just by the fact they exist. We confound the issue by confusing them more with biology and we tell them their life has no meaning until someone declares so.

Time to break the cycle, reboot and rethink what we are doing. Stop the hate.— Duane ChristensenHomer

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