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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Taxes for services would be a pleasure

  • Author: Cynthia Cain
    | Opinion
  • Updated: June 11, 2019
  • Published June 11, 2019

Taxes for services would be a pleasure

For someone who has achieved the ability to pay their family’s living expenses, it can be a pleasure to write the checks. To buy healthy food for your children and know that bills don’t have to go unpaid is a wonderful feeling.

I’ve had the same feeling of pleasure writing a check for a cause that was of particular importance to me. When I lived in a state that had a state income tax, I paid that in addition to federal income tax and some sales taxes. It was what we did for our community and country.

Thinking about taxes now, I feel it would be a pleasure to contribute to my community through whatever tax or taxes were decided on. I want to have a prosperous community with good schools, where it is a desirable place to live and work and for others to visit.

— Cynthia Cain


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