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Letters to the Editor

Letter: How about another election?

  • Author: Roy and Charlene Huhndorf
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 8, 2019
  • Published July 8, 2019

The behavior of our current governor reminds us all that elections have consequences. Instead of demonstrating leadership and problem solving, he seems to be intent on taking a wrecking ball to our Alaska culture and society — a society that we have built over many generations, devising ways that we can attain the highest quality of life in our beautiful but harsh land. He seems more intent on following an ideological formula that appeals to party rather than the welfare of our citizens.

We, as Alaskans, have almost always joined together to solve our problems and build a better place. Examples are the individuals and families that contributed money and voluntary time over decades to the creation of programs and to the building of great institutions like the University of Alaska. I believe we are ready to do it again. There is no need to penalize the poor, the elderly and the sick, or to discontinue valuable education programs. I believe we are all willing to put our oars in the water through an income tax, a decreased dividend and a reduction of the subsidies to oil companies and other businesses.

The solution seems fairly straightforward. If our governor does’t understand this, maybe it’s time for another election — a recall.

— Roy and Charlene Huhndorf


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