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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Prioritize education, health care

  • Author: Anna Bradshaw
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 11
  • Published July 11

I find the new proposed cuts to Alaska’s education and health care systems disgusting. This drastic cut to the university’s funds would have moe than a thousand faculty and staff members fired, with degree programs shut and campuses closed. This shows Alaska’s youth, our future, that their education isn’t a priority. How do we expect them to change the world when they don’t have the educational opportunities to do so?

I also read that cuts would be made to Medicaid, which provides services for impoverished families. It also helps with funding related to transitional homes in Anchorage. Those facilities help provide resources to assist disabled/homeless/struggling members of our community to successfully rejoin our community. If we cut that funding, we show that they aren’t important, that they can’t contribute. Which ties back to education — if we won’t support the youths’ education, how can we possibly support their education?

Education is a priority. Health care is a priority. Support those who can use their education to support the future of Alaska.

— Anna Bradshaw


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