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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Budget nightmares

  • Author: Jeff Budd
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 13, 2019
  • Published July 13, 2019

After reading and listening to the different news reports and hearing the pro-cut-everything folks say not to worry, I thought, “Really? Are we ready for our children and neighbors moving so they can find work and live in a state which values education, arts and decent services for all our population? Are we ready for more homeless people without social services? Are we ready for no marine highway and even higher costs of living? Are we ready to be the only state without a state arts council?”

I had a dream after all the commotion. Gov. Mike Dunleavy wrote a letter to Dear Abby; it read: “Dear Abby, I am the governor of one of the richest states in the union and with one of the smallest populations. I am cutting education — my biggest cut, plus many other things that help people, but education is my biggest thing. I wonder, though — I was an educator before I became a politician. Why are people so riled up about keeping schools open? Signed, Gov. of Rich State.”

Dear Abby replied, “Dear Gov. of Rich State: Not knowing you, it is hard for me to respond, but I think you probably have a past in education where you were not successful, maybe even fired from a job or two. You may have residual anger at yourself and others for your failures. The best thing I can suggest is seeing a licensed mental health clinician. Keep looking until you find one who can help you, because with all the cuts you are talking about, the type of help you need may be harder to find. Signed, Dear Abby.”

Was that only a dream or a real nightmare?

— Jeff Budd


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