Letters to the Editor

Letter: Legislators, please lead

I am a lifelong Alaskan and I never have felt compelled to speak out publicly before.

Alaska is uniquely positioned in so many ways to continue to grow and thrive, but we are down in the weeds squabbling over the Permanent Fund dividend rather than investing and planning for the future. The high-paying jobs that supported Nordstrom have gone away and we are living in a technological age that is constantly changing.

Now we have a governor who appears to be reckless in cutting the budget with no thought for the job impact to the current economy or the future business or workforce preparedness of this state. He seems to be more concerned about giving money away than creating a meaningful future with good-paying jobs. This is not what leaders are elected to do.

I strongly believe most people in Alaska want to work for a living, and want investment in Alaska, not an anti-job governor.

I encourage all legislators to take a step back from this governor. Please think about basic economics and what is best for our state.

— Jackie Tanghe


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