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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Mr. ‘70’ reigns on

  • Author: John Hall
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 13, 2019
  • Published July 13, 2019

Today and for the past many years, Fred Moore has been an icon of the Mount Marathon race in Seward. Fittingly, he has earned front-page coverage in the recent ADN article. Prediction: There will not be another Fred.

I love Mount Marathon and the job Seward does in presenting this to all Alaskans. So tucked back here in the letters to the editor, I need to pay homage to my ‘hero’ of that historic race.

For the record, I am not a betting man.

Let’s say I could bet on:

• Secretariat in the 1973 Belmont Stakes.

• The 1995 Chicago Bulls against any team.

• Megan Rapinoe delivering on a free kick in this World Cup.

• Tiger Woods in the 2000 U.S. Open.

• Sandy Koufax on a 3-2 count in the ’64 playoffs.

I would choose none of those, because I want a sure thing! For that reason, I put my money on Mr. Dave Aquino for repeating as the 70-80 division champion.

I did not make a lot of money, but I won, and I can tell you his family, our family and our shared grandchildren could not be more proud of this man.

— John Hall


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