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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Legislative fiasco

  • Author: Jackie Endsley
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 20, 2019
  • Published July 20, 2019

If the Alaska Constitution were so easily interpreted the way Sen. Mia Costello, Rep. Lance Pruitt and the other legislators who showed up in Wasilla have chosen to interpret it — that the governor has the all-powerful right to decree special sessions in any location his little heart desires — I guarantee you, former governors would have already done it. C’mon, you know half-Gov. Sarah Palin would have had as many sessions in Wasilla as she possibly could. I bet she wishes now that she’d had Kevin Clarkson as her attorney general.

The bottom line: The governor wanted to meet in Wasilla because that is where his base of support is. And Costello, Pruitt and the others who went to Wasilla are just typical Republicans who blindly follow their leaders. I wish Republicans would start thinking for themselves. But how can they, I guess, when their own members punish them for not voting the party line? What a circus. Ultimately, we Alaskans are the ones hurt by this fiasco we call a Legislature.

— Jackie Endsley

Eagle River

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