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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Dunleavy’s UA plan smells

  • Author: Karen Parr
    | Opinion
  • Updated: August 1, 2019
  • Published August 1, 2019

Is it blackmail? Is it bribery? I don’t know. But there’s something smelly about the governor offering to delay half of his disastrous university cuts for a year, on the condition that the University of Alaska Board of Regents and administration toss out all their hard work of the past two years, trying to reorganize and cut enough to survive, and instead simply close out everything the governor hates — namely, research and public service.

Much of humanity’s progress over the past 500 years has been due to the independence from political control of scholars and researchers. Naturally, incoming tyrants are quick to stifle free inquiry.

— Karen Parr


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