Letters to the Editor

Letter: Action, not words

Talk, talk, talk — and that’s all people do after the horrific mass shootings.

It might sound like Big Brother from “1984,” but it’s apparent now that the following actions should have been taken by the U.S. Congress years ago, and those in Congress — bought and paid for by the National Rifle Association — who blocked such actions should be put in prison:

• Ban the sale of semiautomatic and automatic weapons to all except military, including online sales;

• Require universal background checks at all gun shops and gun shows;

• Share information on anyone treated with a mental condition — pass legislation to override confidentiality agreements — on a database that is co-linked by local, state and national law enforcement agencies;

• Immediately remove any websites pandering to racist hatemongers and white supremacist radicals, and continuously monitor to quickly remove new websites;

• Buy back semiautomatic and automatic rifles nationwide; harden defenses and increase security at all public schools.

If I were Sen. Mitch McConnell or other elected officials who have sat on their hands for years and allowed this carnage to rage on, I would be ashamed and voluntarily resign from Congress.

— Frank Baker

Eagle River

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