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Letters to the Editor

Letter: The right thing to do

  • Author: Samantha Berg
    | Opinion
  • Updated: August 12
  • Published August 12

My mom died of Alzheimer’s while in assisted living more than two years ago, so I know how expensive and exhausting it is to take care of a family elder. Of course it would be nicer for folks to stay in their own homes, but sometimes the care needed is beyond what family members can provide.

On the Alaska Department of Social Services Pioneer Home page, the tagline says “Alaska Pioneer Homes: Providing elder Alaskans a home and community, celebrating life through its final breath.” But the proposed rate increases to the Pioneer Home are unaffordable and cruel for most Alaskans. They put added stress on families who are already over-burdened trying to do the best they can for their elders. The governor can call this a “balanced budget,” but it’s really a tax on people who can least afford the expense.

Why not consider reducing the oil tax credits and implementing a moderate statewide income tax so we can take care of our veterans, elders and the rest of the vulnerable members of our statewide community? It’s the right thing to do.

— Samantha Berg


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