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Letters to the Editor

Letter: What would our elders do?

  • Author: Eugene Mills
    | Opinion
  • Updated: August 12
  • Published August 12

As we Alaskans rise to assert our indisputable authority over the state’s current chief executive officer, by relieving him of his burden, we proceed confidently because the leaders of the recall effort are respected, cherished village elders. Fellow supporters of the effort, please remember that our behavior, as it relates to the effort, reflects on our elders and all recall supporters. When acting on behalf of the effort, ask yourself, “What would our elders do?”

Abandon tactics now common in the political arena. We are Alaskans — Native, lifelong, sourdough, cheechako — the person with whom you disagree is not evil. Let others speak without interrupting; you interrupt and shout others down when your position lacks merit, often because factual bases are absent.

Let us occupy the hearts and minds of our fellow Alaskans. Let us resist the urge to react hatefully, even as our village is under attack, even as we begin to fully realize the effects of callous, unnecessary, spiteful budget vetoes. Responding to the CEO’s truculence and hatred with violence (through words or acts) will not restore the peace. We must act to protect our village. We must love. We can do both. We are Alaskans!

Dump Donna Arduin and Gov. Mike Dunleavy!

— Eugene Mills


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