Letters to the Editor

Letter: Tax problem solved

I was touched by the commentary from a young engineer who essentially begged the state of Alaska to tax him. His concern, that the residents of the state don’t “fairly” contribute to its fiscal operation, echoes the discomfort of others as well. The inefficiency of charitable contributions and increased bureaucracy from tax collection were very well explained. I have a much simpler proposal that will satisfy the needs of those who are itching to contribute to Alaska’s financial health without the state spending extra money to collect said “revenue.”

Using the 10% tax model for the engineering profession seems fair. Depending on the firm and experience, they can make roughly between $150,000 and $700,000 per year. A young engineer could plausibly make around $300,000 per year. This represents thousands of dollars in lost revenue to the state and a heavy weight on the conscience of those who could just skip a vacation to “easily” give this support.

To help ease the burden for those who demand to be taxed, send your check representing 10% of your gross income to the tax division at the Alaska Department of Revenue. They will know how to spend it.

— Marcus Reed


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