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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Dunleavy a wannabe U.S. senator

  • Author: Suzan Mauer
    | Opinion
  • Updated: August 21, 2019
  • Published August 21, 2019

Why is Gov. Mike Dunleavy so tone-deaf to Alaskans? Because he is not here to govern Alaska. Why is he representing “Outsiders” more than Alaskans? Because he is trying:

1. To open the gate to Outside interests that want unregulated access to our natural resources.

2. To let right-wing-heavy interests such as those related to the Koch brothers gain more footholds in Alaska.

3. To help Donna Arduin, his Outside budget director — with a checkered record — push industries toward privatization. Coincidentally, Ms. Arduin has had financial interests in privatization. Is this corruption?

4. To push schools toward a voucher system by weakening their state support and thus their effectiveness.

5. To weaken the University of Alaska in favor of private, for-profit colleges.

6. To privatize as many public entities as possible. Our way of life holds no “specialness” for these potential carpetbaggers.

7. To set up Alaska for more poverty, fewer educational opportunities, more health problems and tens of thousands of job losses, thus turning Alaska into the equivalent of a third-world country.

8. To turn a deaf ear to reason. Some say he is an ideologue; others believe he has ambitions to become a U.S. senator. This man, willing to sacrifice the health, education and jobs of thousands of Alaskans, is ambitious — not for us, but for himself.

The governor has shown himself to be willing to do anything to please his Outside donors. We must recall this dangerous individual.

— Suzan Mauer


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