Letters to the Editor

Letter: Governor’s actions

Recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy for what? Everyone knows our state is losing the war on fossil fuel extraction. A few years ago, Shell pulled out of Alaska after news reports that a wayward barge broke away from a tug and floated away. Headline news, right? Environmentalists claimed this was a environmental catastrophe, even though the barge was recovered without a spill.

Now we face a democratic assault on developing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the grounds of environmental destruction. But we heard the same complaints from the environmentalists concerning the trans-Alaska oil pipeline. But that pipeline is exactly why we all receive dividends from the fossil fuel industry.

Residents of this state should realize the money from that type of business has dwindled and the state has much less revenue to fund the programs state government authorized. The only way to resolve under-funding of state programs is to reduce the divided we all receive and use that money to pay for these programs. So the governor made the right call to veto funding, forcing our institutions to cut costs. That’s not mean or hateful, it’s common sense.

— Ken Caron


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