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Letters to the Editor

Letter: A perfect President

  • Author: Frank Dahl
    | Opinion
  • Updated: October 8, 2019
  • Published October 8, 2019

In that the Democrats pulled out all their hair when President Donald Trump won the last election, I’m not sure what they have left to start on fire when he wins the next one.

I find it odd that those on the left, when asked to discuss our President or even hot topics like abortion, they steam with emotion. As I ask folks to tell me specifically why they hate Trump they often reply with something like, “Well, don’t you know, its obvious,” or “Have you seen his hair?” or “I don’t like the way he treated women” (not now as President, but in years past). This is unlike John Kennedy, who actually did mistreat women while president, and oddly enough, still revered as an icon of the Democratic Party.

They steer away from questions I ask, like “Don’t you appreciate that our economy is the best in history?” or how about minority jobs being the best ever, or that our military is back at peak strength like it should be, or our borders are getting protected more and more. You know, important things a President should be doing.

They usually answer with a shrugged shoulder, with a “Well, I guess that’s good, but how about the way he talks?” President Barack Obama was a great orator, and Trump, well, he shoots from the hip. Obama got nothing done and lied about what we would get with Obamacare, and gave millions in cash to Iran. Trump has kept his campaign promises and done much more for America than past presidents had the courage to do. Yes, he is not a perfect man, but many say he is a perfect president.

— Frank Dahl


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